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Know Your Religions: A Comparative Look at Mormonism and the Community of Christ
Written by Richard G. Moore

What happened to the group of Saints who formed their own church after Brigham Young left Nauvoo? In this
newest addition of the highly acclaimed Know Your Religions series, LDS scholar Richard Moore gives us a
look at the group formerly known as the RLDS church, now The Community of Christ. LDS readers will be
captivated by the similarities and differences found within these related religions. Also available in this series,
A Comparative Look at Mormonism and Catholicism. Volumes on Jehovah’s Witnesses, Protestantism, and
Buddhism will be available early 2010.

Paperback Retail Price: $14.95                         ISBN: 978-1-932597-67-7
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Encouraging Heterosexuality: Helping Children Develop a Traditional Sexual Orientation
Written by Douglas A. Abbott and A. Dean Byrd

This book offers a unique approach which unapologetically demonstrates how faith tradition and science are
complementary in the search for truth about what is best for children. Their message is simple and clear:
Parents can prefer and encourage heterosexuality in their children and can do so without disrespect or
criticism for those who believe or differently. Parents will find practical advice as well as cutting edge
research to reinforce traditional sexual views.

Paperback Retail Price: $14.95                         ISBN: 978-1-932597-66-0c
Setting the Record Straight: Blacks and the Mormon
Written by Marcus H. Martins, Ph.D.

For over a century The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
Saints prohibited the ordination of men who had Black
African ancestry to offices in its priesthood. This "priesthood
ban" was lifted in 1978 to the delight of most Church
members, but puzzling questions and folklore surrounding
the origin and reasons for the ban have lingered in Mormon
popular culture.

In a deeply doctrinal discussion of this controversial subject
in Mormon history, Professor Marcus H. Martins shares
personal reflections based on his experiences as a Black
member of the Church who lived through the final years of
the ban.

His analysis debunks old myths and folklore, and it
introduces a gospel-based framework for racial and cultural
relations in contemporary societies.

Paperback Retail: $9.95       CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE
The Promised Land of Recovery: An LDS Guide to Overcoming Addiction
Written by Brad Bertelsen

The Lord saved Abraham, Lehi, the children of Israel, the Jaredites, modern pioneers, and many others from
destruction and bondage. After their rescue, they were led to a land of promise where they could be blessed
beyond measure and beyond their wildest dreams.

The journey to the promised land became symbolic of their redemption and ultimately their return to the
presence of God to enjoy exaltation and eternal life. The Promised Land of Recovery is a spiritual allegory
demonstrating how Twelve-step recovery applies to scriptural patterns established in ancient and modern

It is a message of hope and inspiration for those seeking recovery and discipleship, as seen through the
eyes of a recovering alcoholic.

Paperback Retail Price: $14.95                         ISBN: 978-1-932597-67-7
Marcus Martins was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  The Martins
family joined the Church in 1972. In February 1978, Marcus
Martins became engaged to Mirian Abelin Barbosa, who had just
returned from serving in the Brazil São Paulo South Mission.
Initially they planned on getting married in May 1978, but then
postponed the marriage until after the dedication of the São
Paulo Brazil Temple, so Mirian could be sealed to her parents at
the same time. However, Mirian then decided not to follow that
plan, and so they set a new marriage date of August 5. On June
8, 1978, Official Declaration—2 was announced. After much
contemplation and prayer, Martins decided to serve a mission
rather than get married immediately. He served in the Brazil São
Paulo North Mission.
After returning from his mission, Martins married Marian. He worked for ten years as a systems analyst.
During this time he also served as a bishop. In the late 1980s, Martins was involved in making a new
translation of the Book of Mormon into Portuguese.

Martins then went to Provo, where he studied for six years at Brigham Young University (BYU). He
eventually earned a Ph.D. in sociology at BYU. He then worked as a religion professor at Brigham
Young University–Idaho before taking his current position at BYU Hawaii. He is also the chair of BYU
Hawaii's committee to promote a full understanding of English by its foreign students, who constitute
over half of the student body.